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Examples of our recent story opportunities

Summer Wellness

  • 5 surprisingly simple plant-based tips to slow aging. Especially during summer, we want to feel good because we want to be active outdoors. Recently we have been hearing a lot about anti-aging dietary supplements to slow the aging process but what about real food, fruits and plants that have similar properties? Health and wellness expert, and best-selling author, Bryce Wylde, DHMHS can offer tips on using the healing power of nature, from eating blackberries to help skin look healthier to the growing number of ways to enjoy the newest superfruit to come to the U.S.: graviola.
  • What to do this summer if your child is smaller than other kids their age? (TV only). “The sweet spot for adding growth is between the ages of three to nine years. While 80% of adult height is influenced by genetics, the remaining 20% is influenced by environmental factors, mainly nutrition,” explains nutritionist Kaitlin Cushman. She is available to explain some of the most common reasons why some kids are smaller, and give nutritional solutions that parents can start incorporating immediately including refreshing kid-friendly recipes that are perfect for summer.
  • Laser technology may help you sleep better this summer (TV only). Summer schedules can disrupt your normal sleep habits. Added to that, if snoring causes you to sound like a chainsaw as you sleep, your dentist may be able to dial down the decibel level. Instead of uncomfortable sleep appliances or painful surgery, a growing number of dentists and physicians across the country are treating snoring with a less invasive laser technology. Interview opportunity with a local dentist who can explain how this technology works.