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Examples of our recent story opportunities

Health and wellness

How old do your cells think you are? (TV) Chronological age is how long you’ve been alive. Biological age is how old your cells think you are. Explains health and wellness expert, and best-selling author, Bryce Wylde, DHMHS: “If you’re living a very healthy life, you could be many years younger; if it’s not so healthy, you could be many years older than you actually are.” Wylde is available to share with your audience his top tips for slowing the aging process by using the healing power of nature, including a superfood new to the U.S. called graviola. 

Is your child eating chicken nuggets a little too frequently? (TV) Their limited diet may be slowing their growth. Nutritionist Kaitlin Cushman is available to share why some kids may be shorter and/or underweight, and tips for helping them catch up with their peers. Hall’s suggestions will include nutritional solutions that parents can start incorporating immediately including kid-friendly recipes, easy healthy fat sources, and a shake developed by doctors at Schneider Children’s Medical Center of Israel, the world-renowned epicenter for children’s growth and development.