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Examples of our recent story opportunities


Do you like to laugh? The Last Talk Show, which made its YouTube debut in January 2020, is blowing up in popularity around the globe. With such offbeat topics as whether pineapple belongs on pizza, and if pigs will ever fly, this relatable YouTube show takes an engaging and often hilarious approach to analyzing our culture. More than 10,000 followers now tune in regularly to enjoy host John Pointer’s innate ability to infuse humor into discussions about everyday topics. He enjoys being a positive role model. There are even kids wanting to dress as John for Halloween.


People across the U.S. are donating Asha dolls! Millions of little girls in Nepal stand a far greater chance of being forced into trafficking or arranged marriages than they do completing their education. By creating the Asha doll (whose name means Hope) combined with an educational campaign, nonprofit Headwaters Relief Organization is reaching out to help these girls feel more confident about themselves and their futures. With your audience’s support, volunteers will provide educational training and materials, and personally distribute 2000 Asha dolls starting this October.