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Examples of our recent story opportunities

Holiday Giving

Some holiday gifts have a bigger impact. This year, give an Asha doll (just $25 each) to a child in your life and donate another to Nepal. Millions of little girls in Nepal stand a far greater chance of being forced into trafficking or an arranged marriage than completing their education. By creating the Asha doll (whose name means Hope) combined with an educational campaign, nonprofit Headwaters Relief Organization is reaching out to help these girls feel more confident about themselves and their futures. With your audience’s support, volunteers will provide educational training and materials, and personally distribute 2000 Asha dolls.


Health and Wellness

A new way to get better sleep during the holidays. If snoring causes you to sound like a chainsaw as you sleep, your dentist may be able to dial down the decibel level. Discover how Dentist Harvey Shiffman, DDS is helping restore peaceful slumber with breakthrough technology.