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Examples of our recent story opportunities

Health and Wellness

Is muscle pain winning control over your life? Did you know that a few seconds of easy stretches – called Active Isolated Stretching –  can relieve chronic muscle pain and make you more limber by lengthening the targeted muscles. Medical Massage Practitioner and licensed massage therapist Diane Cherico has written a book to teach people how to heal their own muscle pain using AIS, and is available for interviews and can demonstrate these short, simple stretches for your audiences.    

Meditation has gone high tech. This must-have self-help tool for 2022 is called Zendo. Developed by neuroscientists and expert meditators, Zendo was created for people to experience the immediate effects of meditation without the time or practice commitments. It’s the world’s first neuromodulation device intended to make meditation easier for beginner and advanced meditators alike. Research shows Zendo is 2.5 times more effective than meditation apps. Interview opportunities are available with the neuroscientists who invented Zendo.