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Examples of our recent story opportunities

Health (TV only)

If snoring causes you to sound like a chainsaw as you sleep, your dentist may be able to dial down the decibel level. About 30 to 50 percent of us snore. Restoring peaceful slumber may be as easy as a few pain-free laser treatments. We can coordinate an appearance by a dentist or physician, local to your area, who treats snoring with laser-light therapy treatments called Nightlase.

Home (Michigan Only)

Can your carpeting be saved? In one year, your carpet can collect as much as one pound of dirt, dust and mold per square foot. Carpeting can also contain 200,000 bacteria per square inch. Homeowners are often frustrated after having their cleaned only to have it still feel worn and look dingy. Carpet cleaning expert Steve Lopez has tips for minimizing the yuck (going barefoot deposits unwanted oils onto carpeting that trap dirt); and preserving the life of your carpeting (blot don’t rub stains).