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Come straight to Reporters’ Resource when you need a highly qualified source to comment on, or provide insights into, a story. We have a roster of experts with unparalleled credentials, in a far-reaching number of categories. Each is skilled at presenting information in clean, understandable terms. 

Each week, we will feature three to five experts from our list, and some of the topics about which they can assist you. If you’re not finding an expert on the subject matter you’re working on, please let us know and we’ll try to accommodate you. 

Examples of recently featured experts

Linda Clemons, body language expert

Linda ClemonsLinda Clemons has trained with ATF, CIA and FBI behavioral experts. She has also opened for – or shared the stage with – such notables as Oprah Winfrey and President Obama. She is an in-demand trainer at Nielsen, Louis Vuitton and KPMG, and numerous other high-profile companies. Her sold-out seminars routinely draw thousands of attendees. An upbeat, on-camera guest, Linda can speak to: 

  • How to “see” what others are thinking 
  • How to “hear” what others are not saying in a Zoom environment 
  • How to read body language on a first date 
  • How to ace your next job interview 

    Dan Cohen, MD

    Dan Cohen, MDNeurologist Dan Cohen is a Diplomat of the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology. He holds many patents related to EEG and sleep analysis algorithms and devices. Dan invented the first automated sleep disorder diagnostic equipment used in sleep labs and by sleep professionals. He also co-founded CNS, the company that launched Breathe Right Nasal Strips, through which he later sold to GSK for $566 million. Dan has spent more than 15 years researching and testing technology to improve sleep quality. Dan can speak to a number of sleep-related topics including: 

    • Why most of us need more deep, restorative Delta sleep 
    • Understanding slow-wave sleep
    • Why older people typically have trouble sleeping
    • A neurologist’s take on sleep and stress 
    • A neurologist’s five popular questions about sleep   

      Robert Groysman, MD, long COVID treatment expert

      Robert Groysman, MDRobert is both a Diplomate of the American Board of Anesthesia and the American Board of Pain Medicine. He is an experienced interventional pain specialist with conventional treatments as well as the latest available regenerative medicine. Robert has successfully treated many long COVID sufferers. He also moderates a Facebook group to help educate people about their treatment options. He is available to provide information about: 

      • Affordable Long COVID treatment options that can be done either in a physician’s office including a Stellate Ganglion Nerve Block. 
      • How to use a TENS stimulation machine at home to manage long COVID symptoms for less than $50.
      • Why relaxation is an essential part of long COVID treatment 
      • Where long COVID sufferers can go to find emotional support 

      Steve Hanson, president and CEO, ACME Lithium

      Steve HansonSteve has held executive (CEO), board and advisor positions for numerous private and public companies in mining, alternative energy, oil and gas sectors. An extremely knowledgeable resource, Steve can speak to: 

      • Clean energy initiatives in the U.S. and Canada 
      • How EVs are increasing America’s dependence on China 
      • Sustainable lithium production methods
      • Why our national security depends on lithium