Anyone using GLP-1 receptor agonists for weight loss should pay attention to this

Pharmacist Nayan Patel, PharmD is seeing an uptick in glutathione supplementation by people using GLP-1s (such as Ozempic) for weight loss. Your audience needs to know why this trend is happening, and how to avoid common mistakes in glutathione supplementation.

Patel is a leading expert on glutathione, having studied it for nearly 20 years. He has uncovered so much about this important peptide that other healthcare professionals routinely seek his expertise.

“Think of your liver as a trash can. Glutathione cleans it out. With GLP-1s, an extraordinary number of fat cells are destroyed, and they are releasing toxins that go straight into the liver. Having healthy glutathione levels may correspondingly help to maintain liver health,” he says.

“As a functional pharmacist, my goal is to provide people with the right knowledge to take better care of themselves. My own research on glutathione has led to some exciting results that people need to know about,” he says.