California’s ecology, maternal health equality and the U.S. economy.

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Help for Californians who want to rip out their plastic turf (California media only)

Californians are alarmed to learn that the artificial turf they were advised to install due to climate change is leaching chemicals into the soil, contributing to flooding and increasing ambient air temperatures. 

Now, they want to do the right thing and rip out their plastic turf. But, is there a better option? Yes! Real lawns are back. This isn’t your grandfather’s water-guzzling grass. There’s no need to worry that your fun, outdoor living space is somehow contributing to water shortages or otherwise harming the planet.

Tuf industry expert Mike Pope is available to explain how newer grass varieties can benefit California’s homeowners and environment. He can also offer practical tips for homeowners who want to replace their older varieties of grasses or hardscapes. 


Physician is redefining maternal health equity 

Pregnancy should be a time of immense joy and anticipation for every woman, yet for many women of color, particularly black women, it’s marred by disproportionate rates of complications and mortality despite their socioeconomic status. Enter Dr. Yamicia Connor, an OB/GYN, surgeon, researcher, and mother of three, who is on a mission to revolutionize women’s healthcare and dismantle disparities.

With a Harvard-MIT pedigree and a passion for advancing women’s well-being, Connor is at the forefront of advocating for greater health equity. In her groundbreaking work, Connor emphasizes the critical role of patient empowerment through education. 

Connor is available to arm women in your audience with knowledge about essential prenatal care standards, from genetic testing to diabetes screenings, to help ensure every woman receives the highest standard of care.


RIP to America’s middle class 

The middle class is the United States’ social fabric and conscience that holds the tenets of a functioning democracy together. With the middle class shrinking, will that lead to societal instability? Does our government really want to solve our economic issues? 

With tremendous wit and humor, Joseph Gulesserian, author of ‘The Practical M.B.A. on Economics: What They Do and Don’t Teach You at Business School,’ is available to provide well-researched insights into what’s really going on with the American economy.


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