Expert reveals how much sleep you really need

Plus, he’s got news about first-of-its-kind sleep-enhancing technology for getting deeper, more restorative sleep

You know how important sleep is for your health, mood and productivity. Yet here you are, staring at the ceiling, and trying to clear your mind of all the stressors that took place the day before.

According to the National Sleep Foundation, adults ages 18-64 should aim for 7-9 hours of sleep each night. Yet a staggering 35% of adults report averaging less than seven hours. And, by the time they reach their mid- to late 40s, most people have lost 60-70% of their ability to get deep, restorative Delta sleep. That can negatively impact your health and overall wellbeing. 

We clearly need help falling asleep faster and staying asleep longer so our bodies can move through each important sleep stage. 

Neurologist and acclaimed sleep expert Dan Cohen, MD has spent more than a decade working on a drug-free, non-invasive solution. Now, he’s putting his technology to the test and getting great results. 

A radically different approach to deeper, longer sleep

As you focus on your own wellbeing, you may be frustrated if you’re not having much success trying to improve the quality and quantity of your sleep. Cohen’s new solution is surprisingly simple and it is proving to be very effective. 

The technology, known as the Soltec System, uses a magnetic generator placed discreetly under the bed or near the footboard. The accompanying wrist wearable, monitoring sleep stages in real time, instructs the generator to emit personalized frequencies automatically determined during the initial nights of use, thereby enhancing sleep induction and deep sleep.  

The system also monitors and analyzes parameters including motion, snoring sounds, blood oxygen levels, heart rate, and most importantly heart rate variability. Users simply wear the sleep tracker and press start to experience the benefits. 

We may be sleep-deprived but we still love proof 

Results involving 67 subjects who used the Soltec System for an average of 116 nights revealed significant improvements in sleep time, Delta sleep, and Non-REM sleep quality.

  • Notably, highly significant statistical results were achieved in Non-REM quality, with 73% reporting positive responses.
  • 69% of subjects showed improved Delta sleep and sleep time.
  • Subjects with initial Delta levels averaging 55 or fewer minutes demonstrated a 15% improvement.

In a world that often glorifies productivity at the expense of sleep, reclaiming your right to a good night’s rest is not merely a luxury but a necessity. 

Soltec Health is actively seeking individuals to participate in its research studies. Study participants will receive a $700 credit toward the purchase of a Soltec system. To participate in a study, visit To learn more about Soltec Health, visit


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