Tired? Achy? Replenishing your body’s waning glutathione levels may help you reclaim your quality of life.

A growing number of physicians are joining this revolution by spraying stabilized glutathione onto their skin

Everyone has ‘off’ days now and then. But if you’re over 30, have low energy, or aches and pains that are becoming part of your everyday life, it may be time to help your body replenish its glutathione levels. It’s a natural approach to healthy, active aging. 

What is glutathione? 

You may not know much about glutathione, but it is very remarkable. Often called the body’s master antioxidant, glutathione is so important that every cell in your body makes its own supply. Glutathione supports detoxification in the brain, liver and kidneys. It is essential for healthy immune function and it increases energy, among many other functions. 

“Think of glutathione as a catch-all nutrient,” explains pharmacist and Auro Wellness Founder Nayan Patel, PharmD, an internationally recognized expert, consultant and lecturer on glutathione. “As we age, our joints may feel stiff and sore. We’re not sleeping as long, and we’re not feeling fully rested during the day. Part of that may be because the amount of glutathione we have available, on demand, is falling. Our bodies become less efficient at making it after age 30.” 

He asks, “What are you missing out on in your life because you’re not sleeping well, or because you don’t feel good enough to stay active? Improving your glutathione levels may help you reclaim your quality of life.” 

Who may need to supplement their glutathione levels? 

Patel explains that people who have chronic illnesses often go years with low glutathione levels. But your levels may be diminished even if you’re relatively healthy. “In addition to aging, a poor diet, stress, and exposure to the sun and everyday environmental toxins can also lower your glutathione levels,” he confirms. “Your need for glutathione increases and your body’s production of this important nutrient decreases, leading to a gap.” 

His book, “The Glutathione Revolution: Fight Disease, Slow Aging & Increase Energy,” provides insights on how to successfully and naturally fill this gap.

The best ways to naturally replenish your glutathione levels

Patel says there are three primary ways to replenish your glutathione supply.

  1. Diet. “You need the amino acids cysteine, glutamic acid and glycine to produce glutathione. Consuming foods with high levels of glutamic acid and glycine, such as beans and dairy, is a good place to start. Unfortunately, most foods don’t contain very much cysteine.” 
  2. A healthier lifestyle. “You can reduce your body’s need for glutathione by limiting alcohol consumption. Be careful not to expose yourself to environmental toxins and chemicals. Manage your stress levels. All of these things can deplete your stores of glutathione.” 
  3. Supplementation. “There are many dietary supplement pills, capsules and powders, available over the counter, that claim to raise glutathione levels. Unfortunately, many don’t work because the body breaks them down before the glutathione can be delivered where it is needed. It’s important to look for stabilized glutathione, which increases its absorption and improves its effectiveness.”  

A new alternative has the attention of a growing number of healthcare practitioners 

Using patented sub-nano Auro GSH technology, Patel and his team have developed a stable form of glutathione called Glutaryl, which is sprayed directly on the skin. “After a few minutes, it is absorbed into the body. Because it circumvents the digestive system, it stays intact so it can quickly and efficiently increase your glutathione reserves,” he explains. 

A human clinical pilot study published in Antioxidants demonstrates that Glutaryl is a fast-acting and effective way to replenish glutathione levels. The study was conducted by one of the world’s leading glutathione researchers, Vishwanath Venketaraman, PhD.

“Most of our newer users are physicians, including oncologists, nephrologists and family practice doctors. It’s also becoming popular among nurse practitioners and practitioners working in med spas.” 

Patel admits Glutaryl is a bit unconventional. “It is sticky until you rub it in and it is fully absorbed. It also has a pungent sulfa odor that most people get accustomed to. They keep using it because they can actually feel the difference.”    

Glutaryl is made with pharmaceutical-grade active ingredients. Used twice daily, it helps you to build optimal glutathione levels, so it’s there when you need it. “Many people experience benefits starting the first time they use it,” says Patel. 

To learn more about glutathione and this new delivery technology, visit www.AuroWellness.com


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